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Under New Biden Title IX Rule, The Government Could Take Your Kids

JAIMEE MICHELL | JUNE 17, 2024 American parents should be on notice: the Biden administration is going to war. 


American parents should be on notice: the Biden administration is going to war. 

This isn’t a targeted attack on the cartels trafficking drugs, women, and children across our southern border. Rather, it’s an attack on the very foundation of our civilization – the idea that parents know what’s best for their children and have the right to direct their educational, medical and moral upbringing.

In recent weeks, we’ve all learned how the Biden Administration’s desired changes to Title IX regulations would totally upend women’s and girls’ sports. We’ve also discovered how they’d strip the due process rights of those accused of heinous crimes on college campuses.

But perhaps the most nefarious policy overhaul has flown under the radar. In its report on the proposed Title IX changes, the Defense of Freedom Institute explains that the Biden Education Department’s Title IX Final Rule would undermine parental rights by mandating all schools, including public elementary and secondary institutions, accept a student’s gender identity without parental approval or knowledge. Under the proposed changes, schools could pursue this dangerous, life-altering course of action without notifying a student’s parents or obtaining their agreement. They would also be required to provide students with gender affirming care, regardless of their biological sex, or risk forfeiting access to federal funds. 

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